Reverend Dr. Kathryn Love has served on staff at the ELCA, and at the National Church as Assistant Director for Evangelism and Director for Prayer and Renewal. She initiated the process of igniting revival in the ELCA by organizing its first revivalist network.

As a wife and mother of three sons, Dr. Love established a successful business as a real estate broker/owner in her hometown of Chicago. She graduated from Chicago Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity and completed the required courses at The Lutheran School of Theology to become a Lutheran pastor. Read more.

2020 Church Council

Sherry Goff, President

Alan Hadlock, Vice President

Ilene Bush, Secretary

Rafael Henandez

Yolanda Jackson

George Lyndsey

Rev. Dr. Kathryn Love

Sherry Goff, Council President


Larysa Burgess


Susan Riley

Office Admin

Queenie Mullinix

Audio Tech

Johnny Harrelson


  • Finance Chair - Mike Riley

  • Worship and Music Chair - Leora Harrison

  • Parish Education Chair - Alan Hadlock

  • Christian Life/Discipleship Chair - Pastor Love

  • Stewardship Chair - Gary Kubina

  • Social Ministry Chair - Karen Dorgan, Jackie Hughes

  • Property Chair - Sherry Goff

  • Fellowship Chair - Mercedes Jackson, Linda Gillies

  • Memorials Chair - Beverly Kubina