Amanda Spangler, Pastor 

Originally from Flat Rock, Alabama, Pastor Amanda Spangler graduated from Valparaiso University after studying German and theology. After a year-long internship, she was consecrated a deaconess by the Lutheran Deaconess Conference (the “Valpo deacs”) in 2010. She continued working in faith formation ministries full time and chaplaincy part time until going to Loyola University Chicago for an M.A. in biblical languages and literature. After graduation, she moved back south and started working in faith formation ministry again, serving Faith Lutheran Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, and then Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Athens, Georgia.

In the fall of 2019 she began working on her M.Div., and completed her studies in May 2022. After a year-long capstone internship at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Durham, North Carolina, she was called to be the pastor here at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Mobile. 

"I enjoy crafting, especially crochet, embroidery, and DIY projects. I am the world’s slowest runner, but I enjoy the endorphins!  Other hobbies/activities include walking my dog, being a body pillow for both my cat and dog, yoga, dance, hiking, history, reading, and visiting new places. Mobile is very new to me, so I’m delighted to have a whole new playground!" 

2023 Church Council 

Sean Coughlin, President

Yolanda Jackson, Vice President 

Susan Riley, Treasurer

Kendra Butler, Secretary

Jim Gillies

George Lindsey

Hannah Di Pasquale, Minster

L-R    Susan,  Jim, George, Sean, Kendra, Minister Hannah, Yolanda


Larisa Burgess


Susan Riley